We help next generation entrepreneurs build their businesses into universally recognised household names


We provide ambitious fast-growth companies with two key services:

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Off-Grid Media Buying

We find creative ways to gain media space for our clients which delivers them a competitive advantage and helps offset the capital risk of large scale advertising campaigns.

Most media buying is now done through a handful of global media buying conglomerates which are not structured to help young, emerging brands. However, media companies like Sky, Channel4, ClearChannel, News Corporation, JC Decaux and Global Radio recognise the need to incentivise young, promising companies to their medium so they work with Squadron Venture Media to find innovative ways of trading media space that can mitigate the financial risk for our clients.

These 'off-grid' media deals may include paying for media on a CPA basis rather than on a fixed-price basis, or using low-cost ‘distress’ inventory to test a medium's efficacy.

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Creative Development Consulting

The marketing departments of most young tech companies are generally focused on digital marketing disciplines. Often there is little experience in developing 'above the line' advertising creative.

Squadron Venture Media work with clients' marketing teams to write creative briefs, find a relevant creative agency, help develop the advertising creative and identify the most relevant media channels.